Resume Writing Stats – Jobs That Pay Over $300K Per Year in Illinois

Determining what career you want to pursue generally involves number of considerations and factors. When evaluating different career paths and choices, one of the factors you are likely considering is the pay scale for each position. Illinois high paying careers are accessible, although most jobs that pay over $300k a year need a big education and experience.

Here are some of the best jobs that pay over $300k per year in Illinois:


Earn  $383,297 per year in Illinois

A radiologist is a medical doctor who expert in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and injuries via the use of medical imaging methods. These techniques may contain computed tomography, X-rays, fusion imaging, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and positron emission tomography.

Chief executive officer

$134,080 per year in Illinois

A chief executive officer is liable for managing the jobs linked with running business. CEOs make business plans and lead to executive team, which may contain a chief financial officer (CFO), chief operation officer and other C-level experts. CEOs of big public firms get the highest salaries, and most of these individuals work their way up via other positions.

Chief financial officer

$135,080 per year in Illinois

A chief financial officer is liable for managing the financial actions of an organization. They track cash flow, plan the business financials and analyze financial  strengths and weakness to make advises for corrective action.

Principal software architect

Earn $163,107 per year in Illinois

Principal software architects are top level IT experts who manage the design and development of website software and applications. They oversee the job of junior technicians and architects, make sure teams complete projects on time and meet the customers need all through the process.  Principal architects can job solely on internal projects or help external customers, and they generally handle multiple software projects at once.

Emergency medicine physician

Earn $445,745 per year in Illinois,

An emergency medicine physician jobs in the emergency department of a clinic or hospital to offer urgent care to injured or sick patients. They must make fast decisions and care for a range of situations, including cardiac incidents, soft tissue injuries, loss of consciousness and other potentially life-threatening medical issues.


Earn $336,427 per year in Illinois Psychiatrists specialize in mental health, diagnosing and treating situations and disorders linked with the mental health of humans. They also offer treatment and counseling for substance abuse disorders. A psychiatrist generally prescribes medication to treat sickness and monitors patients long-term progress all through their treatment