Resume Stats – Highest Paying Careers in Education Illinois

Educators are just like every person else, forever looking for advancement, best pay, and more chance. Some move into more specific teaching roles, some of the top paid teaching jobs in Illinois unique education and gifted education. Other move into administrative works, earning top degrees to become college administrators and principals.  Whatever the way, the top careers in education are forever in demand, and getting the higher degrees  important for higher positions is a best investment.

Here are some of the best paying careers in education Illinois:


When you are looking into the top careers in education, you will want to consider the job of a superintendent. A superintendant is a leader for a full school district and strives to get the goals set by the school board in relation to student education.  The career path is a challenge, but it provides educators a chance to advance in their career and get special goals in relation to the education of students from elementary to high school.

The salary guesses for a superintendent rely on the state and domestic school district. While the right income differs significantly, you can guess to earn between  $98,750 and $156,000 in Illinois per year.

School principal

Searching for the top paid teaching jobs may outcome in evaluating the role of a principal or an assistant principal in a domestic school. The liabilities of a principal focus on the goals of the school. A principal may get together with parents to talk specific worries linked to their children, hire innovative teachers, or connect in teacher development.

The salary expectations for a school principal depend on your district and state. While the specific income level may change, the average income for a principal is around $95,000 per year in Illinois.

University/college administrator

A university administrator, or a college administrator, targets on the day to day running of the school. The liabilities of the career path target on like budgeting, organizing events, right positive action, and public relations. The place targets on leading the school to make sure that it runs perfectly during general days and during time of crisis. The administrator must have the expertise to keep up with the challenges of administration job and leadership within the school. The college administrators with the top income earn approximately $128,000 per year in Illinois.