Accountant and Financial Services Jobs in Illinois

Accountant and Financial Services Jobs in Illinois

Becoming an accountant in Illinois with either the Registered Certified Public Account (RCPA) or Licensed Certified Public Account (LCPA) designation needs a bachelor’s degree, the successful completion of the Uniform CPA Exam, and 1 year of accounting experience. The Illinois Board of Examiners assesses the education credentials of candidates to determine eligibility to sit for the CPA example, while the IDFRP is liable for offering licensure and practice privileges.

Illinois accounts: Employment and salary facts

Illinois is home to some of the famous well-compensated management accounts, treasures, financial controllers, and CFOs in the nation, housing operations and business offices for such global juggernauts as Archer Daniels Midland, Walgreens, Boeing, and more. Actually, 36 Fortune 500 firms were headquartered in Chicago as of 2022, according to World Business Chicago.

The field of accounting is on the rise in Chicago and all through Illinois. According to the Department of Employment security Illinois, there were 57,000 accounts and auditors in the state in 2020. By 2027, this number is guessed to increase to 59,040.

According to BLS, the median salary for auditors and accounts was Illinois was $61,270, as of May 2020. Experienced professionals in the top ten percent earned an average of $117,520 during this time.

Salaries for Illinois accounts in specialized roles

The BLS also offer a breakdown of salaries for auditors and accounts based on everything from industry-specific roles to experience levels.

Bookkeepers, corporate staff accounts, and accounting clerks

Corporate staff accounts, accounting clerks, and bookkeepers who were quite new to the profession earned about $33,400 in Illinois as of May 2020, while those at the median level earned approximately $42,350 and those in the 75th and 9th percentile earned between $52,800 and $64,180 during this time.

Forensic accounts

Filling a special and narrow niche, forensic accounts command even higher salaries for their highly specialized expertise. In Illinois, these accounting experts earn about $90,020, which represents the 75th percentile among auditors and accounts.

CPAs and auditors

Public accounts performing assurance and audit services for wealthy individuals, corporations and families  earn some of the top salaries among auditors and accountants in Illinois. For example, these professionals earn approximately $120,460 in the Chicago metro area (contains Elgin and Naperville), which represents the top of ten percent of all earners in the accounting profession.

Controllers and other financial managers

Controllers and other financial managers earn a median salary of $130,360, making them among the best paid accountants in the Illinois profession.  The top-earning controllers earn between $102,800 and more than $200,000.

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