Illinois Resume Keywording for Managerial roles

Over 20 years’ experience working in Operational Management and gained in-depth understanding in all elements of team management, cost-cutting and KPI’s. I am a manager who has managed businesses from inception to completion and understand all elements of budget control, operations and working with superiors to drive business forward and deliver on targets.

I hold knowledge in all budgets and sales, profitability, stock control and wages. I also manage employees in delivering delivery orders, storage, stock rotation, security, investigation and training.   I communicated with customers, ensuring rigid health and safety standards and working with food suppliers, wholesalers of machinery in order to cut costs.

I was responsible for figures and forecasting, cash loss procedures and establishing security policies, budgeting and KPI’s. I assisted employees with targets, attending meetings and working to create a profitable role.I operated audits for service and cleanliness and was responsible for being innovative and intelligent.

Keywords for Roles in Hospitality

Project Management Strategic partnerships Fast-paced environment Family Communication Leadership Problem-solving Management Cross-function Teamwork Company Targets Project Planning Contracts Annual Budgets Teamwork Event Management Business Planning Multinational workforce Administration Compliance Point of Contact Manager Project Management Fundraising Administration Hospitality Industry Employee Management Customer Service Mediation Public Relations Communications Legal Procedures