Best Companies in Illinois for Flexible or Remote jobs

Based on years of researching firms that hire for part-time, remote, freelancer jobs, we has complied the top list of firms placed in Illinois that specifically have hired for work with at least one of these flexible working choices. Below you will find the firm profiles on Illinois employees such as Relativity, Allstate, and VocoVision, as well as each company’s part-time, remote, flexible job posting history.


VocoVision is a creative children therapy telepractice program. As an employer, the firm looks for applicants who are relax with technology and demonstrate amazing communication expertise. Most positions need advanced education and expert certifications, and associations are given access to a discussion board to share their worries and to brainstorm ideas. Further, a virtual toolbox is accessible, which offers team members with activities, lessons, and games to help in their practice. In addition to freelancer works, VocoVision regularly provides hundred percent remote jobs with part-time, full-time and flexible schedules, and it has posted opportunities in fields such as medical & health, human services, and young & children in the past.


Allstate, famous for its slogan “you are in good hands,” is the biggest publicly held insurance firm in the America. Founded in 1931. Allstate insurance is a prize-winning organization that offers over thirteen lines of insurance products, including car, renters, homeowners, and property insurance for customers across the Canada and United States.


AbbVie is a biopharmaceutical firm based in Chicago, Illinois, that makes and markets new therapies and medicines designed to treat serious sickness and medical situations. Founded in 2013 when the firm separated from Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie now has over 28,000 associates in over 170 countries throughout the planet, and the research-driven firm seeks to unite the strength of biotechnology with the best of pharmaceuticals to make creative ways of fighting the worlds most challenging health issues.


Relativity is  a Chicago, Illinois, software development firm with a focus on helping users manage and use their data. The company’s e-discovery platform serves over 160,000 users across more than forty countries, including a majority of Fortune hundred firms and the Am Law 200. Relatively helps organizations manage big volume of data and fast identify key information during internal litigation, investigations, compliance projects and more. Relatively employs a avid group of lifelong learners who love tackling challenging issues with focus and agility.

GoHealth LLC

GoHealth is an insurance firm with an “ambitious” mission to better the healthcare system in America, starting by helping people enroll in excellent health insurance packages. To get this mission leadership relies on hiring and developing great people, and thus, prioritizes the GoHeath team. In the past, the firm has posted remote-based, flexible jobs in customer service, medical & health, operations, software development, engineering and other fields for qualified applicants.


As an employer, Abbott is interested in candidates who are passionate about making fit solutions and making a difference in the planet. In the past, Abbott has supported work flexibility by hiring for freelancer, remote and temporary jobs in the medical and health industry, such as pharmaceutical, nursing, doctor and practitioner, and medical research jobs.